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ATTENTION ALL WRITERS, PHOTOJOURNALISTS AND VIDEOGRAPHERS - IOM invites you to submit positive stories of migrants contributing or making positive impact in South African communities. We are looking for real stories of migrants touching lives. Contributors stand a chance to WIN AWESOME PRIZES courtesy of our sponsors every month. Statistics are just numbers, they do not tell migrant stories. People do. Let South Africa and the world know how the current generation of migrants is touching this land of hope and opportunity

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IOM South Africa, in partnership with UNHCR and the City of Johannesburg, will today launch a campaign aimed at sensitizing the South African public to the fact that migrants are an integral part of South...

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OM South Africa, in partnership with the City of Johannesburg and UNHCR launched a poetry book – ‘I AM A MIGRANT TOO’ on International Migrants Day on 18th December 2013. The event which was held...

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The campaign uses migrant stories to tell the human side of migration and inspire migrants and host communities that migrants can bring positive contributions to South African communities. Migrant stories use real stories to let South Africa and the world know how the current generation of migrants is touching this land of hope and opportunity.

South Africa is home to millions of cross-migrants migrants however integration has not always been easy. The challenges we face today are not new. Only the stories are. Migration is closely related to development, IOM believes through these stories, by demonstrating positive contribution migrants make to South African society can go a long way in changing the negative perception that many people have about migrants and migration. Migrants contribute to social development, cultural enrichment, economic activities and technological development in South Africa

The contribution of skilled immigrants to the South African economy

The face of the demographic map is ever changing, for a variety of reasons. First there is work, then education, family, travel, lifestyle and even wars that make people change the place where they live and travel to a foreign country. When thinking of these people, many feel endangered of them, since they might take their job and fill their space in the community. This could actually happen, but as long as you are good, there is no chance, so concentrate on that. Escorts will find foreigners especially interesting since their life stories vary from those that they are used of hearing. It is fun seeing how a country that has almost no indigenous people, hates having refugees or immigrants from specific countries enter their country. An Amsterdam escort that you can find on could never think something like that, especially because there is a high chance of them meeting and being in the company of these people one day.

They can be successful people

Being successful is not a matter of money or earnings; it is a matter of being satisfied and doing the right thing. People tend to forget this, quite often, so there is a reason to keep reminding them all the time. Those individuals who just changed their living space are less likely to become successful during the course of the next five to ten years. But, just like escorts, they find their spot at the end and become a vital part of the society. This is the sole thing politicians don't understand, especially if you tell them the following fact. Immigrants have this period of 5-10 years a little shorter, since they were forced to move and came probably without anything. Therefore they are likely to reach the point of success over the period of the next three to five years. Every Amsterdam escort that you can find on EROS loves this, because it means that they might meet these people much earlier. Accepting is very important to them, so they will do their best to offer it to everyone and this makes them the people to know in any situation.

Immigrants in South Africa - it works well

The South Africa Republic is the most developed country on the continent, even though it is the furthest from Europe. But due to a list of reasons and many skilled immigrants, but also some stunning escorts, it became what it is today and continues to grow. Those who came made the country to what it is, because they brought education, skills and knowledge to the region and taught these to the ones living there. They also stayed for the ride and build their families and lives there; they maybe even brought an Amsterdam escort with them. Acceptance played an important role in all of this, since the indigenous people had a chance to say, but they knew positive contributions would make life easier for them. Escorts helped as well and made the region aware of how they can get fun and joy. Today the numbers show that South Africa has never had more immigrants and new people coming in, yet it is more developed than ever before.